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Passion for perfection

We undertake to make your dreams come true. DL Catering undertake to organise for you any kind of event. We plan your wedding, your baptism based on your needs.

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Breakfast buffet

Variety of options to choose from. Continental breakfast or traditional products?

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DL catering - Food Buffet

Street food

The best ingredients. Street food with a gourmet taste!

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DL Catering - Food on Grill

Corporate events

We undertake corporate business meals. At DL Catering we organize the best food experience!

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DL Catering - Table & Dishes

Barbeque (BBQ)

The best meats in the area.

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DL Catering - BBQ

Special Events

For your special day we transform the surrounding space with solutions that integrate lighting, furniture and floral design.

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DL Catering - Wedding Table